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Conversation topics (not only) for A2 permanent residence exam 

Are you getting ready for the Permanent Residence Exam and wondering how to most effectively prepare for the speaking component?

Do you mostly understand text, spoken words, and feel confident in writing, but feel nervous or apprehensive when it comes to speaking?

Do you know a lot of vocabulary and grammar, but find it difficult to naturally put together sentences?

Do you often find that you get words with similar spelling confused?

Do you feel as though you need ready-made phrases to ensure you are error-free when speaking?

Are you unsure if you are pronouncing words and letters correctly?

Would you feel more confident knowing the topics that you may be tested on, and having texts to use for inspiration to help in studying and writing your own sample texts?


How would you feel if:

◉ You knew exactly what to expect when it comes to speaking and conversation
◉ You knew what topics and everyday situations to prepare for
◉ You had simple and practical phrases to use for reference and practice
◉ You had sample texts for inspiration 
◉ You had phrases and recordings

How in the world can I pass the speaking component of the Permanent Residence Exam?!

The A2-level permanent residence exam was introduced on November 2021. I have been running preparation courses since the summer of the same year. I have found that most often people have various knowledge from a variety of sources such as: company lessons, group courses, friends & family, Google translate or a language app like Duolingo, and everyday life. 

Often, I have students who know a few forms of one verb but may have forgotten the other forms, whereas some are completely unfamiliar with the grammar rules but have found a way to be able to get by in everyday situations, and then some who have a solid understanding of most grammar rules and vocabulary but are unsure if they know enough to pass the exam. I have had students who are relatively new to the Czech language and have no clue where to start their language learning journey, some who know the foundational basics and are at an A2-level, and some who have a more advanced understanding of the language.

But ultimately, regardless of their level and knowledge of the Czech language, they have the following in common:

◉ They want to have a systematic way to prepare for the exam and further their knowledge of the language
◉ They want to be sure that they are truly learning all the necessary concepts
◉ They want to have a comprehensive resource guide to study with
◉ They want to be able to speak Czech at the A2-level and successfully pass the exam for permanent residence
◉ They want to feel confident about their knowledge of the language and abilities in understanding and speaking it

All of these are reasons why I created the E-book Basic conversational topics, which can be used, not only for the A2 exam, but in-general to improve knowledge of the Czech language

With the Basic Conversational Topics E-book, you will get:

12 sample texts for inspiration on each topic

Practical phrases and short sentences on the given topics
◉ Practical quizlets to use on your phone for when you are on the bus/tram or standing in the queue at the checkout line 😉
◉ A set of questions for each topic that will help you with your understanding and to help you test your progress
◉ Recordings of texts, phrases and questions that will help to assist in practicing correction pronunciation.

So if you are tired of feeling as if you are getting nowhere from digging through your old notes and constantly having to spend time tinkering with Google Translate, and fretting about how to feel confident in your preparation for the Permanent Residence Exam then...

Here’s what you will learn in the E-book:

How to talk about the 12 topics and their modifications (as found in the „Task 3 – 1-minute monologue“ section of the exam). Topics include: family, housing, free time, daily routine, food, shopping & services, traveling, the weather, health, education, buisness/work, and studying languages. 
◉ How to use words and phrases related to these topics in the exam and in similar everday-life situations.
◉ How to understand and respond to questions related to these topics.
◉ How to pronounce words and phrases correctly, as well as improve your listening skills.

Technical parameters:

ebook in pdf and MP3 recordings

vocab practice in Quizlet app for your phone


"Veronika is a language wizard, turning the difficult Czech language into a playful and easy challenge. She now developed a book which follows the structure of her lessons: extremely useful everyday vocabulary, simple and clear tasks, intuitive exercises, smart repetitions of the key words. And I just love the post-it notes inserted between exercises, which highlight the tricky phrases. This conversational guide book is much awaited on the market, as there is a scarcity of quality Czech language materialse for expats. Moreover, the existing ones are obsolete and less interactive. I really enjoy my everyday minutes when I practise my Czech using this book, because it is an effortless way to learn and revise the grammar and vocabulary. Not to mention the exciting flashcards and quizzes which I do for fun!"
Diana Petru, Romania
After many unsuccessful attempts to master the Czech language, Veronica's e-book hit the spot. The best proof of this are my conversations at work, or so on a daily basis. Even at the doctor's. 😉
Sebastian, Poland
Veronika is an experienced teacher with a very personal approach to students. In several chapters of this ebook, she is able to introduce the concept of the PR exam to the student and teach him what he needs to succeed. This e-book helped me a lot because I knew a lot of words, but I couldn't say a full sentence or speak for a long time. Here is everything - phrases, themes, listening. Thanks, Veru 🙂
Pavel, Bulgaria
I searched for a long time for a resource to prepare for the PR exam and could not find anything. Then I came across Basic Conversation Topics and I have to say it helped me a lot. Within 2 weeks, I read the texts, modified them to myself, and then just practiced the phrases on Quizlet. I definitely recommend the book to everybody.
Yuli, Philippines
I started learning Czech a total of three times and never lasted very long. But this year I decided that I really had to. I found Just Czech and a conversation e-book that guided me through the basic topics, so now I'm at home in the pharmacy, I can have a small conversation with other parents or I can ask about allergens in a restaurant 🙂
Tanya, US
I've had the permanent residence exam for a few years now, but since I work in an international company, it's hard for me to practice Czech and keep it alive. That's why I bought this ebook, with which I repeat words, listen to questions and try to answer them. What I really like are the themed quizlets.
Bart, US

Nejste si jistí, zda je e-book vhodný právě pro vás a vaši situaci? Napište mi!

Not sure if an e-book is right for you and your situation? Drop me a message!

I am a Czech language teacher and for almost a decade I have been introducing the beauty of my native language to foreigners, helping them to overcome its difficulties and motivating them to study it and use it in everyday life.

Czech is a beautiful and rich language that everyone can find a way to learn if they set their mind to it, because in my opinion, you can study Czech anywhere, anytime