E-book: Konverzační témata nejen na zkoušku na trvalý pobyt / Conversation topics not only for permant residence exam

With the Basic Conversational Topics E-book, you will get: 12 sample texts for inspiration on each topic Practice phrases and short sentences on the given topics Practical quizlets to use on your phone for when you are on the bus/tram or standing in the queue at the checkout line ;) A set of questions for each topic that will help you with your understanding and to help you test your progress Recordings of texts, phrases and questions that will help to assist in practicing correction pronunciation.

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  • E-book s nahrávkami: Konverzační témata (nejen) pro zkoušku A2 na trvalý pobyt 


    E-book with recordings: Conversation topics (not only) for the A2 permanent residence exam